Sonor Audio Clareo 6.2

The Clareo 6.2 is a large stand-mount loudspeaker.

Best suited to medium to smaller rooms & will benefit from correct placement within the room.

It’s a really heavy speaker (because there’s a lot going on in the cabinet) & a good solid supporting stand is essential to bring out the full potential of this loudspeaker.

The dual 6” mid-woofers deliver a powerful, fast, and accurate bass response, complemented by a 38 mm ring radiator tweeter.

The symmetrical arrangement of the woofers acts as a single point source such that the soundscape is richly layered and detailed. Effort spent on correct positioning within the room will result in an accurate & detailed presentation well beyond the physical size of these loudspeakers.

  • This is an intimate loudspeaker. You’ll love the solid, layered, and cohesive staging.
  • You’ll benefit from using a dynamic amplifier and source components.
  • This speaker is revealing and will reward you with insight into your favorite music.

Sonor Audio


Stand Mount Speakers


506x210x400 HxWxD stand excluded


27 Kg s each


6 ohm

Frequency Range

47 Hz – 22KHz (+/- 3dB)

Power Handling

180 watt


2 x active 6” woofer. 38mm ring radiator tweeter

High Frequency Loading

Tractrix horn

Crossover Point

3500 Hz


88 dB (1 watt @ 1m)

Filter Confoguration

Low Pass 3rd order / High Pass 3rd order