Nov 12

Claro 10.2 Review by Leroy Garcia

Having had the good fortune to be able to listen to music via Sonar 10.2 speakers paired with Hegel amplification with cabling from Blue Marble Audio, the result to which…

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Sep 23

Claro 6.2 Review by Andreas Günther

TERRA INCOGNITA Speakers from South Africa have appeared on the radar screens for only a few of us. Yet, they are worthwhile considering, as the Sonor Audio Claro 6.2 demonstrates.…

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Sep 22

Claro 6.1 Review by Andreas Günther

Claro 6.1 Review by Andreas Günther: South Africa. Very few High-fi fans consider this country on their world maps. Nonetheless, a manufacturer of consequence manufactures from here – Sonar Audio.…

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