Sonor Audio Clareo 6.1

This is a medium-sized stand-mount loudspeaker. Ideally suited to smaller rooms. The 6” Mid-woofer is tuned to achieve a balance of rich bass and speed. The ring radiator tweeter is horn-loaded with a tractrix horn.

The woofer is optimized for speed. This is an accurate speaker. The mid-band and high frequencies are optimized to present an involved and comprehensive center stage with an impressive matching scale.

  • Considering the specifications, you’ll see that this is still a larger stand-mount speaker with good heft, so a dedicated support stand is commended.
  • We recommend this loudspeaker for an intimate experience. It’s not too sensitive to room placement and has a lot of scale for its size.


Sonor Audio


Stand Mount Speakers


350 x 210 x 340 HxWxD stand excluded


15 Kg s each


6 ohm

Frequency Range

45 Hz – 22KHz (+/- 3dB)

Power Handling

150 watt


6” woofer / 38mm ring radiator tweeter

Low Frequency Alignment

Ported / Bass reflex

High Frequency Loading

Tractrix horn

Crossover Point

3500 Hz


86 dB (1 watt @ 1m)

Filter Configuration

Low Pass 2nd order / High Pass 3rd order