Sonor Audio’s Design Principle

Sonor Audio – The Road Less Travelled: Our Very Specific Design Intention.

Sonor Audio’s design lets the raw emotion of the music dominate. To achieve this, there cannot be a weak link in the design. The cabinets cannot resonate. The drivers must be of absolutely premium quality.

Every component in the cross-over filter must allow Full Energy without saturation or distortion.

We don’t try to influence how music should sound. Instead, we trust in what the musician has created.

We want you to experience a fascination for what instruments and artists can voice. It’s about the transients and decays; it’s about harmonics and definition. Musicians are fussy about their instruments and style.

Why would we want to tame that?

When you listen to our speakers, close your eyes and listen with your heart. It’s a different experience. Once you realize you are listening to art and not Hi-Fi, you will understand our design path. It’s about discovering something new with every listening. It’s about gasping, “Ah, what a wonderful voice she has.” In the long term, you’ll be enriched.